Joseph Martyn


I will be adding online guitar lessons here soon!


2) Introduction to Chords (Link Coming Soon)

3) Introduction to Scales (Link Coming Soon)

4) The Pentatonic Scale (The Blues / Rock workhorse scale link coming soon!)

5) Introduction to Modes (Link Coming Soon)

6) Modes Master (Link Coming Soon)

7) Styles of playing - work in progress

A bit of a preview of things to come:


Firstly, there're many good guitar players that have never had a lesson! It doesnt mean we can't have a helping hand along the way.


While working through the lessons remember one music and have fun!  


Whatever level you are at you can write songs, play songs, with your heart.  Don't let the desire to improve your playing stop you from playing right now!


I'm currently uploading lessons to the links, take a look and enjoy!